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Spiritual Coaching


There is a point in every one of our lives where we need to talk to someone, who can be a true mirror to us offering guidance, wisdom, and clarity.  Many of us reach out to friends or therapists but never quite feel like we get to the deepest part of the issue we are seeking.  That is why I offer Spiritual Coaching, a type of therapy where I offer my gifts of sight, wisdom, and intuition to reflect back to you with clarity potential blind spots you yourself may be missing.  

Spiritual Therapy

Our contemporary mainstream paradigm dismisses the intuitive realm.  It is dismissed in contemporary therapy, and in our everyday interactions, but it is a real sense and power that we all crave deep in our bones to be brought to light.  I bring that energy to the table, integrating dreamwork, shadow inquiry, and deep intuitive insight as we work together to uncover your truth, deepest potential, and a clear path forward.  

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