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Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy


What is Lymphatic Enhancement therapy?

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LET is the medicine of the future.  It is a very light but extraordinarily powerful method of treatment that uses electromagnetic frequencies + light therapy to move and improve lymph flow.  Lymph is a very misunderstood and understudied system of the body.  The Ancient Egyptians called it "The River of Life" as it holds so much extraordinary power that gives us true vitality.  There is still very little that western medicine understands about it.  What we DO KNOW is that the lymph system functions as our bodies immune response.  It is our main system of defense for any and everything coming at us and in a world full of toxicity, now more that EVER is it important to focus on our precious lymphatic system.  Cleansing your lymph system through LET therapy can literally shift the entire vibration of your being, putting you on a healing path you may have been trying to be on for many years, but unable to truly walk. 

How it works

LET uses pulsing low frequencies under 1000 hz and a dynamically pulsed field which initiates electropressure. Electropressure is a method of accessing light, frequency, and electricity to move and shift the fluids of the body as nature intended.  LET uses coherent light to penetrate the cells of our body, altering their frequency and shifting their vibration.  

how let can heal

LET works to unify, cleanse, detox, and move the lymph of the body.  When lymph is stuck, nothing else in our body functions properly.  And because lymph has no pumping mechanism of its own, we have to go out of our way and do extra work to get it moving.  That is where LET comes in.  When our lymph is stuck, clogged, overtaxed, many different "diseases" and "disorders" can develop.  One of the prime mechanisms of doing lymphatic enhancement therapy is that it can rapidly and powerfully reduce inflammation.  Inflammation is the root cause of most diseases, and when the body us under chronic inflammation is when many "autoimmune" disorders reveal themselves.  Western medicine treats most autoimmune disorders with medication which in many cases just cause more inflammation.  LET is a direct and powerful solution to this toxic paradox. 

Conditions LET can dramatically improvE

  • Mood Disorders of any kind, i.e depression, anxiety, adhd, bipolar, etc. 

  • Autoimmune disorders of all kinds, i.e lupus, RA, hasimotos, fibromyalgia, celiac, etc.

  • Gut Health Issues

  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder

  • Supports any detoxification process

  • Heavy Metal Toxicity/Exposure

  • EMF detoxification

  • Chronic pain

  • Surgery rehabilitation

Where Can I book?

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