A Witchy Bitch

Chase was born a very old soul and grew up having vivid psychic visions as well as a deep intuitive sense of the world around her.  As she started getting older, she realized that there wasn't a place in the world for a woman like her, a woman who was wise and espoused feminine wisdom.  She struggled as an outsider for years and lived a life in constant search for what her soul yearned for most, freedom, trust, and connection.  It took her all around the globe from China to Morocco, Hawaii to Alaska.  It took her years taking part in sacred medicine ceremonies that were run and designed by patriarchal structures to see that there was no place for her to exercise her wisdom or power, no place that could actually see her for what she was, a Witch.  Chase sees a Witch not as a spellcasting pagan, but actively reclaims this word as a sacred healing power that is bestowed upon all women.  To her a Witch is a woman who uses love as the highest guiding principal of her life and works to create deep healing within herself and her environment.  As Chase grew her voice and went deeper into herself, praying to be able to exercise her highest life purpose in this lifetime, she has been gracefully guided to this space.  She has created a program and consulting practice that is aimed at reviving feminine wisdom and beginning to live a life that is guided and based in the divine feminine.  Chase believes that it is this force that will heal that planet and as we begin to cultivate and open up to it within our our own souls we will affect the whole.   Too many women have come to Chase feeling so disconnected, anxious, depressed, and angry with no feeling of support or connection to Spirit.  This is what she works to instill in her clients, so that they may begin to open up to and trust their own connection to the divine and from that place, be guided to a life that has purpose, joy, and deep fulfillment.