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Taking the Witch out of the Closet: The Witchy Bitch Apprenticeship Program

In this 3, 6, or 12 month program work closely with Chase to grow your sense of integrity, intuition, self-worth, and power to live a life in complete communion with the Divine.  


Chase has created an apprenticeship program that integrates authentic feminine Witch power with shadow work, and astrology to assist her clients in harnessing and cultivating their own internal wisdom and power.  This program is meant to help guide and channel the highest energies of love and healing so that the energies of empathy, sensitivity, intuition, wildness, and the Divine come out of the darkness and begin to be seen and valued in our everyday reality.  

The Program:


We use the archetypal energies of the planets and the signs in relation to our own chart to study the elemental energies of this planet and universe.  As we study them we become more in tune with them and begin to see life more symbolically. The symbols become guideposts as the entire fabric of our reality changes, and we begin to see the interconnected undercurrent of all things. 

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Week/Month 1: Aries.  In this week we attune ourselves to the cardinal fire energy of Aries, the warrior. We see where in our own charts we can harness and cultivate this energy to move us out of any stagnation.  We examine the archetype of Mars, its placement in our own charts and how we may begin to harness its power and might. Simultaneously we examine the shadow side of aries and Mars both, impatient and arrogant and open to where our own pride and impatience may be holding us back from accessing our true power.
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Week/Month 2: Taurus. In this week/month we open ourselves to the power and fixed groundedness of the Earth sign Taurus.  Taurus rules abundance, worth, and pleasure in all its forms. She is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. We tune into this graceful feminine energy and see where in ourselves we may or may not be owning our full Taurean power.  Taurus rules self-worth, and it is in this week/month that we begin to become deeply truthful about where and what we feel worthy of in our own lives. 
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Week/Month 3: Gemini. In this week/month we attune our energy to the mutable and expansive air energy of Gemini.  Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, knowledge, and curiosity. In this week/month we begin to examine where in our lives we feel naturally curious, and if our consciousness has allowed us to follow that curiosity and expression, which is the Divine merely working itself through us.  
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Week/Month 4: Cancer.  In this week/month we will access the power of the Cardinal water sign of Cancer.  Cancer rules the archetype of the mother and is ruled by the moon. In this week/month we will be open to access the deep hidden empathy and psychic roots that Cancer rules.  We will connect it to our upbringing, and ‘roots’ and begin to examine how that has shaped our current reality. We will examine the shadow side of Cancer, where our deepest wounding resides, so that we can emerge fully into the light. 
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Week/Month 5: Leo. In this week/month we will dive into the power of Leo, the Lion.  We will penetrate the energies of this fixed fire sign and its indomitable will, courage, and creativity.  Leo is ruled by the Sun, it rules how much we allow ourselves to be seen in this life. We will dive into these Leo energies, and her shadow and begin to ask ourselves, where am I holding myself back from being seen fully?  Where in my life do I yearn to express myself more?  

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Week/Month 6: Virgo. In this week/month we will hone the energy of Virgo, the ‘virgin’ of the zodiac.  Virgo is a mutable earth sign and feels best when it is able to serve in some way. Virgos are ruled by ‘discretion’ and have the keen ability to see how anything and everything can be improved.  We will dive into this awareness within the self and its shadow, where are we overly critical of ourselves and others? How can we begin to engage in life with the desire to what to improve alongside the radical acceptance of the way things are?
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Week/Month 7: Libra. In this week/month we will open ourselves to the graceful energy of Libra.  Libras are the cardinal air sign of the zodiac and are guided by harmony and justice. We will dig into this energy and examine where in our own lives we may have sacrificed our own truth in the name of creating ‘harmony’. Equally, we will look at how we are in relationships, what our style of partnership is like and how we can become guided by our own deepest truth to become the best friends and partners.

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Week/Month 8: Scorpio. In this week/month we dive into the powerful fixed water sign of Scorpio and its ruling planet Pluto.  This sign and planet carry massive intuitive power, as well as the power of total and complete destruction/creation. If we are not honoring our Scorpionic/Plutonic power we can be stuck in obsessive, jealous, and envious energies-all shadow elements of a power and soul unable to express its truth.  In this week/month we will open ourselves to the highest realms of Scorpio, the power to release what no longer serves. 
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Week/Month 9: Sagittarius.  In this week/month we will expand ourselves to the powerful energies of Sagittarius, the philosopher, sage, and wise person. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck, fortune, and expansion.  We will begin to examine where in our own lives we have been holding ourselves back from expanding and why, as well as getting really honest about what our truest desires are so that we can begin to open our souls to that truth.  Power, change, and evolution are at the forefront here as we move into a new era of opening and trust in the Divine. 
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Week/Month 10: Capricorn. In this week/month we will work with the energies of the mountain goat, Capricorn.  Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and is the workhorse of the zodiac. She is the cardinal Earth sign, with great power.  Capricorn rules control, discipline, and structure. It is the father archetype of the zodiac. We will dig into this energy for ourselves and see where and how we may need to employ more or less discipline in our lives.  
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Week/Month 11: Aquarius. In this week we will open to the original and free energies of Aquarius, ruled by Uranus.  Aquarius is a fixed air sign, stubborn in its own rebellion. It marches by the beat of its own drum and rules eccentricity, freedom, originality, and solitude.  In this week/month we will dive into our own Aquarius energy; are we expressing our own uniqueness? Do we give ourselves the freedom we deserve? Are we attuned to our own cosmic rhythm that only we can hear?  
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Week/Month 12: Pisces. In this week/month we will merge with the psychic waters of Pisces, the mutable water sign of the zodiac and the final sign of the zodiac.  Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the great dissolver. More than any other sign, Pisces can feel the depth and interconnectedness of all things. The flip side of that is that they can lose themselves in whatever it is they are doing/being.  We will examine our own Piscean energy, where we lose ourselves involuntarily and begin to re-own and recalibrate our own personal identity and boundary, using this psychic power for the highest good of all, including ourselves.
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