Holistic Astrology Readings

Book a life changing Astrology Reading with Chase.  Get a clearer perspective on your life, your journey, and a receive a deeper sense of direction and purpose

Chase has developed her own special kind of astrology that she likes to call 'Holistic Astrology.'  This fits within the Witchy Bitch paradigm, a paradigm that aims at looking at all aspects of ourselves,  body, mind, soul so that we can become the highest version of ourselves.  Chase takes her time when studying her clients chart to ensure that she can be a clear channel for only the highest, most supportive, and loving energies.  Chase sees astrology as a divine tool within which we can begin to see ourselves objectively through.  This helps us look at where in our lives we may be a bit imbalanced. She also looks at what the divinely given gifts of any one person are and how any person can lean into expressing those gifts even more in this lifetime. Chase works closely with her clients to help bring clarity and a re-balanced energy into their consciousness so that they can begin to live more whole, fulfilling lives.