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Chase Buttice is

A Modern Mystic



What is a modern mystic?

A Modern Mystic is someone that can sense and feel energy, and regards that energy as real and valuable.  You may be seen as 'highly sensitive' or label yourself as an 'empath', or you might have a more nuanced understanding and are into all things 'woo'. If you have ever been someone that can feel energy and/or is in tune with the truth of your intuition, then you are a modern mystic. 

For too long has the mystic arts been held underground or labeled something that most do not take seriously.  There are very few places in our culture where mysticism and talk of the energy realm is seen as legitimate.  It is not taught in our schools, it is not seen in our business models, it is not acknowledged in the daily news.  It is high time that changed.  It is my intention to bring awareness and value of mysticism into our mainstream culture, because it is the energetic realm that when seen, acknowledged, and respected- that will change the entire course of ones life.  I know this, because it has changed mine. 

In December 2020 we entered the Age of Aquarius.  What this means is that Aquariun energy, i.e the awareness of FREQUENCY is beginning to permeate our consciousness.  The medicine and healing of the future is going to be dictated by that of vibration and frequency.  This is where energy starts becoming more and more real to us. Intuition and mysticism will innately begin to arise as part of this evolution of consciousness. 

who is chase?

Hi, I'm Chase.  I was was born at 11:11 Universal Time, and I've been unraveling the meaning of that timecode my entire life.  I know what it means now, and it is part of my mission to align myself and others with this energy here on Earth. 

I am a Virgo Sun, Aries Moon, and Leo Rising.  

Labradorite is my favoirite crystal. 

I've had precognitive dreams from a young age. 

I'm half Italian and half hillbilly, it's a weird combo.  

I was born in Los Angeles, a child of the record business.  The importance of frequency and vibration were instilled into me from birth. From a very young age I had psychic visions and a keen extrasensory perception.  Most just said that I was "so sensitive" but it was so much more than that. My sensitivity was the doorway through which all of my psychic powers developed. It took me years to understand that, as I always saw it as such a crippling weakness. Managing my psychic gifts were not something I had any guidance for, and I spent many years seeking anyone that could help me learn how to control them. It has been the quest of my life to learn how to cultivate and manage my psychic abilities and it is through this deep quest of self knowledge that I have been taken all over the world. It is also this quest that has gotten to me where I am now, a teacher and guide of the Mystic Arts. 

The leading virtue with which I have led my life is the virtue of Courage.  It is Maya Angelou that has said that Courage is the most important virtue because without it, one cannot perform any other virtue consistently. It is this virtue that has taken me to the literal edges of the earth, from living in a tiny village in the desert of Morocco for 3 years to a cabin alone in the woods in the bush of Alaska.  I have gone to the extremes outside and inside of myself in search of truth, but most of all for the thing every human on this earth is searching for, Freedom.  

I have taken the years of shadow work, deep seeking, and truth saying to become what I am today and share my gifts with the world.  I am a modern mystic, and I hope to help you remember your own psychic power so that you may live a life guided and in alignment, awake to your purpose, and in tune with the universal flow. 

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