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Hey Y'all, I'm Chase

my ethos:
the empowered

I am a natural-born empath and psychic who was always cripplingly sensitive yet brazen as hell.  It is the sensitive ones of this earth that are the strongest of all beings because this world was not made for us yet we continue to live in it.  Only we know the deep power of our own strength.  Sensitivity is the gift of the Psychic and Shaman but because our world up until this point has not valued this gift we have been trained out of our powers and taught to doubt everything we feel and know to be true in our heart of hearts.   Our sacred 'sight' goes unseen by many and so we become blind to it ourselves, falling under the dictates of those that 'seem' to know better than us.  This pattern forces us to live lives where we feel lost, unseen, virtually worthless unable to find our space or place inside of a world that we never belonged. 

So we end up doing all of the energetic work for everyone around us all of the time, with no recourse or acknowledgment, many of us ourselves unaware of what we are actually doing with our energy but simply feeling exhausted, depleted, and sick without any real 'reason'.  We take on the energetic weight of the world because we feel it the strongest, so we transmute it for everyone.  Unless they have done work to uncover the power in their sensitivity, most empaths are not aware this is what they are doing for everyone around them all the time. 

Despite all of this, it is my deepest and most powerful belief that it is the empaths of the world that are going to TRANSFORM THIS PLANET.  And it is my mission to guide, empower, and activate this power in every single one of my clients.  The tides have turned my friends, 2020 has changed the game forever, and the Era of the Empath has FINALLY arrived. When we cultivate, harness, focus, and attend to our energy there is a true power that begins to emerge from us.  A sense of integrity, worth, and strength begins to form as our path reveals itself to us with clarity and ease.  Prosperity and abundance emerge + relationships flower.  As we harness our powers, we grow into the intuitives, the psychics, and the priestesses/priests that we truly are.  We are the midwives of the new era, an era that is centered in the heart instead of the head— and it is our sacred duty and responsibility to cultivate and attend to our sacred sensitivity and rise into the leaders and healers we are meant to become.  ​

more of my story...

I wasn't always the empowered Priestess that I am today.  I spent so many years of my life feeling aimless and lost.  I could never seem to find any place where I felt I belonged; a true wise woman who was never taught how to cultivate or harness her gifts of 'sight'.  Because I had no real guidance with my powers, I didn't know how to use them and so they imploded inward resulting in chronic depression and psychic disturbances.  As I grew up, I felt there was no place in the world for a woman like me, a highly sensitive, empathic, psychic spirit- and I felt like a relentless outcast wherever I went.  This chronic feeling pushed me to seek somewhere in the world I did feel at home.  So I traveled all over the world seeking something I could never quite name, a place and space where I felt comfortable, seen, and venerated.


 I literally went to the edges of the earth, from a small village in Morocco where I lived for 2.5 years to deep in the jungles of Hawaii, to eventually living all the way to a cabin alone in the woods of Alaska.  When I say I went everywhere and did everything, I really did.  I not only traveled physically but spiritually as well taking part in many sacred medicine ceremonies all over the world.  I pushed myself to the absolute extremes of consciousness yet still, I couldn't seem to find my power, my voice, or my place.  Where were the Priestesses?  Where was the Divine Feminine?  It wasn't until I finally opened up my own private bodywork practice years ago that I began to allow myself to focus + cultivate my true gifts of sight which has led me to this space and place in time now.  My journey has been a deep and powerful journey to the heart of truly discovering my authentic worth in this world.


I always had a strong sense of self-confidence but inside, I never felt worthy or strong enough to share my power with the world and let my light truly shine.  I was scared of my own power as the world had taught me to fear and dismiss my own god-given psychic gifts.  Over the years and through much spiritual work- I have opened up to the Divine and allowed the light inside to emerge.   That has resulted in a transcendent psychic awareness and an ability to see the higher self/calling in those that I work with.  I am here to EMPOWER + AWAKEN your own light within so that you may activate your highest potential in this lifetime and live from a deeply embedded sense of worth, power, and the highest transcendent love that exists.