Chase has her own unique and holistic style of bodywork that integrates and balances the energies of every one of her clients.  Many have left her table saying that she has given them the best massage of their life.  She likes to remind them that what she offers is much deeper than massage. What she offers is deep, holistic bodywork that recalibrates the energies of the entire being. She has a strong roster of celebrity clientele and her intention is to bring a spiritually grounded energy to Los Angeles that offers a new kind of relaxation, balance, and wholeness.  She offers this to every one of her clients so that they may live more whole and fulfilling lives. 
Emily Oliver
Whitney Moore
Corianton Hale


60-Minute Holistic + Integrative Bodywork Session


In this integrative bodywork session Chase addresses the most pressing needs of her client.  Her focus is on deep relief from pain and discomfort.  It is here that she is able to get a grounded sense of her clients, their deeper energetic needs, and work towards restoring balance, health, and true healing to their bodies and souls. 

90-Minute Holistic + Integrative Bodywork Session


In this longer and more in depth session Chase is able to access the deeper hidden imbalances within the body and integrate a truly holistic approach to the re-calibration of the entire being. She integrates traditional massage modalities including Hawaiian lomi-lomi with her own blend of deep healing intuitive techniques. 

Location + Booking

Chase has a spectacular rooftop home office located in the center of Los Angeles adjacent to Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. 


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