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soul mapping Astrology Reading

A 75-Minute Recorded Chart Reading with Current Transits

In this transformative reading Chase uses her powerful psi-vision and channeled guidance blended with her in-depth understanding of the archetypes and science of astrology to clearly SEE what your path forward in life is.  Chase works closely with the archetypes of Saturn (the lord of karma), our North Node (the clear path of destiny), and our Chiron (the wounded healer/shadow).  She reads your astrology chart like a map, clearly seeing the most prosperous path forward.  Her readings are profoundly empowering and deeply inspiring.  If you are feeling stuck or unsure of your path forward, a soul mapping astrology session will provide clarity, power, and a renewed sense of purpose + direction. 


Psi-vision Session

A 75-Minute Channeled Reading
This is the the unique Psi-Vision experience that Chase offers her clientele.  Chase accesses her multidimensional psychic awareness and authentically channeled guidance to assist her clients toward any direction or guidance needed in their life at that time.  This is a new type of session/therapy that is in line with the emergent frequencies of this post-2020 era.  This session is to elicit the ultimate power + clarity of her clients so that they may begin to walk in authentic alignment of their highest selves.  


Sacred Boundary

witchy bitch 

psi-warrior +

soul purpose astrology 

In these transformative programs Chase guides her clients towards deep truthing and self actualization.  These programs are intended to shift your energetic frequency so that you may begin to walk an authentic path towards activating your potentiality. 

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