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Soul Mapping Astrology Reading

A 75-Minute Recorded Chart Reading with Current Transits

In this transformative reading Chase uses her powerful psi-vision and channeled guidance blended with her in-depth understanding of the archetypes and science of astrology to clearly SEE what your path forward in life is.  Chase works closely with the archetypes of Saturn (the lord of karma), our North Node (the clear path of destiny), and our Chiron (the wounded healer/shadow).  She reads your astrology chart like a map, clearly seeing the most prosperous path forward.  Her readings are profoundly empowering and deeply inspiring.  If you are feeling stuck or unsure of your path forward, a soul mapping astrology session will provide clarity, power, and a renewed sense of purpose + direction. 


soul vision Guidance Session

A 60-minute SoulVision guidance session to reclaim your energy

There are moments in our lives where no friend or therapist can give us the support we need.  We need someone with vision and intuition who can clearly see our spirit and deeper truth and reflect that back to us with clarity.  That is what I can offer you in a psychospiritual consulting session. 



The Moonshapers

A Collective for empaths remembering the depth of their spiritual power 

A monthly moon gathering for the highly sensitive spiritual ones.  We will meet on every new and full moon, discuss the astrological weather and any source codes we have downloaded.  We will ground our energy and vision together.  This is for the empath who is ready to step into their spiritual power. 


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