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Chase is a holistic practitioner that offers different healing modalities to fit her clients needs. 

Please select from the various offerings below. 


60 + 90 Minute Holistic Bodywork Sessions

Here chase uses her 10+ years as a holistic massage

practitioner to open, expand, release and re-calibrate the body towards health, balance, and truly empowered wellness

$150 + $200

Astrology Reading

A 75-Minute Recorded Chart Reading with
Current Transits

In this 75-minute reading Chase uses her transformative

knowledge of astrology to help empower her clients to their

true and authentic nature


Psychospiritual Consulting

A 1-Hour 'Spiritual Therapy' Session 
In these divinely guided sessions, Chase uses her embedded
wisdom blended with her divinely guided intuition to enhance
and awaken her clients to their own inner truth and authentic


Witchy Bitch, Sacred Warrior, Rewilding + the apprenticeship Program

These are multiple week programs that shift ones entire consciousness
to embrace their true power, worth, and authentic truth.  These
programs are meant to truly transform oneself so that they can shine
your light as you never have before.  Book a complimentary consult
with Chase to find out which program may be most appropriate for you
at this evolving time of your life. 

$ prices vary

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to tap into the power of transformation
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