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what i do

In this post 2020 era, everything has changed.  The de-centralization of our work environments and systems has forced us all to confront deeper truths about ourselves and the institutions we are a part of.   We are all beginning to wake up to the deep imbalances within these institutions.  I help correct these imbalances.  I am a guide, facilitator, and teacher for these changing times.  I come into corporate environments and offer workshops, courses, 1:1 consulting, and empathic awareness so that we may begin to humanize our work environments and make for a more equitable and connected world.  

what is empathic awareness?

In many ways 2020 took everything we had out of us.  It brought us to the point of collapse, individually and collectively.  All of us began to feel things we had maybe never felt.  A new kind of emotional awareness was brought to the surface as we were all collectively cracked open.  This birthed a new era that gave us all permission to express deeper truths that we may have never been able to express before.  This new emotional truthing has brought on a new kind of empathic awareness that is beginning to seep into every facet of our lives.  It is time that we harness and cultivate this empathic awareness and allow it to proliferate within our work and corporate environments.  All structures are shifting, the energy of our world is changing.  Bringing empathic awareness into our work spaces is part of this great shift.  As our corporate structures change, so do all of us.  

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