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Holistic Massage

Holistic Bodywork

There are many ways a holistic massage session with Chase can help you, and the extra clarity and direction that she provides you will be one of the best things you can do for yourself all year. Whether you are looking for help with some kind of physical trauma, or you need some spiritual guidance, Chase will provide you with actual results through her proven and highly effective healing technique.


Chase provides holistic bodywork for all of her clients all over the region. You will feel better, feel lighter on your feet, more rested and a whole host of other positivities.

As a healer, Chase focuses on using holistic bodywork as the means for depression help, overcoming fears, or to unlock our strength and talents, for example. In essence, she believes that the power we can harness in the spiritual can do more than any of us can ever imagine. It is a source of empowerment, it holds the power to heal, and it can guide us if we learn how to connect to it.

If you are wanting to learn about holistic healing or if you want to know more about how a holistic massage can help you with your own personal journey, then contact Chase Buttice at the Witchy Bitch today. There are times when medication and medicine are the right answer, and then there are times when a purely holistic approach is the only way for your body and mind to stride forward.

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