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Intuitive Guidance

An Astrologer Can Help You Learn Intuitive Guidance

At the core, we are animals and belong to the animal kingdom. On the greater plain, we are also part of the universe and connected to all of it. What we call instinct in every other animal is what we call intuition in us. Intuitive guidance will help us to understand, respond to and take advantage of these gifts we've been given. If you have been searching the internet for an astrologer near me to help you with intuitive guidance, then you are on the right track!
There is a reason a full moon has a known impact on the behaviors of people. There is a reason why some days everything seems to go wrong and why other days you can do no wrong. Finding an astrologer near me or one that can help you understand the core and the big picture is step one. Figuring out how you fit into that picture and how to listen to your animal nature is step two. Of course, there is much that must transpire between step one and step two, but that is where the help of an experienced, connected, and spiritually-centered astrologer like the Witchy Bitch can help.
If you are ready to discover your purpose and yourself, and the freedom that comes with that journey, then contact Chase Buttice at the Witchy Bitch and let's begin that conversation.

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