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Modern Rationality: The Hedonic Opiate of the Masses

We are missing something on this planet, in this country, and within our own souls. It's been missing for eons without us even being fully conscious of its absence.  We are missing the power of our intuition.  In the USA its absence is especially felt throughout.  People talk about ‘intuition’ within our mainstream culture as a kind of funny anecdote or a silly indulgence.  Can you think of any mainstream cable media outlet that reflects back to its viewers the intelligence of our intuition?  Can you recall a conversation you had with someone in any of your ‘working relationships’ that discussed this concept as a reality to be felt, witnessed, and trusted? Nope.  That's because it's as if it doesn't exist.  It's silent, it's hidden, it's in the shadows.  Yet, it's something that is so real, isn't it?  

So what is our intuition?  And why the hell has it been so invisible for so long? Our intuition is nature, naturing through us.  It is rooted in our instinct, that which animals hold deep within them that warns them of danger, guides them to food, and urges them to mate.  Because animals don't have as strongly developed rationality as humans, they are tuned into this force that guides them, as part of them.  They are God, the Universe, and Love incarnate.  They are an extension of this force, as are we.  We have simply forgotten our connection.  Our instincts show themselves when we unconsciously look across the room to find someone staring at us.  I'm sure you have had this moment in your life as everyone has, that awkward moment when you yourself may have been unconsciously staring at someone you have no ‘reason’ to and they turn to look you straight in the eyes, the both of you wondering for a moment what the hell that was all about. 

Our instincts work through our unconscious, it's literally an energy that is beyond our rational mind/control that guides us.  I like to call this force Cosmic Consciousness as it is the ‘flow’ that many discuss when a musicians instrument seems to play them, or the channel of words that pour through a writers fingertips as they write.  It's a mystery as to how it works or what it really is and its mystery is what makes it so powerful.    But we have issues with mystery in our current paradigm, we don't like it.  We like to be in control, to understand every last inch of something, to be able to measure and reason with it.  If we cannot reason with it, it has no use to us- its not seen as even being ‘legitimate’ because it is not operating within our believed to be ‘superior’ type of rational consciousness.  Mystery freaks us out, because something that is mysterious humans cannot control, and when a culture is based on domination over collaboration- anything humans cannot control could be seen as an ‘enemy’ as it could potentially have power over us, so it must be eliminated.   So over time, this has led to the mainstream patriarchal ruling order to dismiss intuition- even so intensely as to deem it as ‘evil’.  This energy was systematically tortured out of us, and the collective consciousness hasn’t forgotten that torture.  Domesticating and Conditioning an animal is real, and the soul of the modern human has been trained, conditioned, and domesticated out of our intuition- an integral part of our being.  Without it we are not whole.  It's like a part of our souls was cut off from us, and we were taught to fear our own internal guidance, we were taught to fear our own inner nature- and therefore nature itself.  

Well we can see how this is playing out- not so well.  This split between our soul (connection to the spiritual, etheric, and mysterious part of all existence) and our mind (how we reason, communicate, and materialize) has created a great imbalance.  We see this in every person that has a really hard time understanding their emotions, or in turn, hates having emotions- hates feeling sad, or bad, or shame, and in turn numbs themselves with drugs, legal or illegal.  We see this with young people that are gifted in feeling and knowing the healing mysteries of life deep in their soul, yet having no place in the modern world with which to express themselves or their gifts, only to they themselves feel ‘crazy’ and end up going on some kind  of antidepressant to numb their second sight.   This inner split and suppression of our intuition has led to a macro split as well, with humans unable to see or feel their own connection to the natural world as an extension of themselves, where the mystery lives.  So those who run governments and weapons continue to destroy the earth, when really, they are destroying themselves.  They hate that part of themselves that they cannot understand as it makes them feel weak and afraid.  They fear the power of Love within them.  This detachment and split/personality has manifested itself with our current president, a split/personality himself, only a representative of what is happening on a greater scale.  But there is beauty here and a deep truth in all of this.  The natural order will never die- simply change form. We may continue to destroy the planet and ourselves, but this flow, this Cosmic Consciousness continues to live through us, as it always will, and can never be destroyed.  

It's up to us if we will begin to heed the call of its guidance and rhythm, and begin to honor and respect it as we begin to honor and respect ourselves.  Because really, unless we unearth these hidden powers that lay atrophied inside of ourselves, we will never understand what wholeness really means.  Opening to our intuition; the part of ourselves that feels and knows without knowing how it knows is the beginning of a great turning on this planet.  We are at an edge right now, and this natural order is pushing us all into our own void, the part of ourselves that has been missing for so long and that we long to merge back with. A deep part of ourselves holds this mystery within, and that mystery can never be understood, only felt.  What a sweet relief to lay inside of that mystery.  To allow ourselves to imagine, dream, feel, and merge with this incredible force within us and without us is what is being called of all of us at this time in history. There are wrongs that are being righted, and the deepest wrongs are the most profoundly personal. To negate our own inner nature, is to negate nature herself. It is time we merge, commune, and begin to shed light on the parts of ourselves we were told to hide and ignore- our emotions. The gate has been opened and the door is unlocked- it is up to us to walk through.

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