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The Age of Aquarius: Pregnant with Potential

The astrological transits that we are in the midst of experiencing this month are arguably the most profound of our lifetime. The Saturn/Pluto conjunction that has ruled this year has served us a year of death, on so many levels. Our systems, schools, relationships, have all collapsed in one form or another. This year has served us breakdown after breakdown, landing us exactly where we are right now, on the edge of a completely new era.

The Age of Aquarius has been something that astrologers have debated for years, but one thing that I can say for sure is that this Saturn/Jupiter Conjunction on the winter solstice IS the Authentic moment- the moment we enter a new era.

There are several different reasons for this, as the synchronicities are many. The first is that this grand conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter is happening at 0 degrees Aquarius. There is a profound 0 point symbolism happening here. 0 represents the void, it is the energy of no-thing, pregnant with possibility. The void carries with it all potentiality, it carries the energy of that which is not yet manifested. Nothing has been written yet, and it is up to us to write the story of our lives. This mixed with the actual energy OF Aquarius- that of the visionary, futurist, loner, and rebel, but most of all that of the AUTHENTIC INDIVIDUAL is carrying us into a new time of ultimate individual potential. This aspect hasn't happened in this way in Aquarius in 800 years, 8 being the number of infinity itself, another word for the void. We are at a profound time of renewal— like the ouroborus or snake eating its tail, in a constant, eternal and infinite state of regenisis. Yet this potent and profound moment is the ULTIMATE state of regenesis as we are entering a new 2100 year astrological cycle that is initiated by the energies OF Aquarius- the humanitarian, and ultimately the individual.

Because humanity cannot full find peace unless each and every one of us finds our own authentic truth and peace within our own hearts and souls. Aquarius rules authenticity and escaping the hive-mind that the last aeon brought with it. Now is the time to BREAK FREE of all SYSTEMS of POWER and begin to live our lives in our integrity, where our internal truth matches our external reality and actions.

Another synchronicity is that this conjunction is happening on the day of the Winter Solstice, that being the darkest time of the year- the ultimate void. It is now, that we are able to access our deepest shadow and the parts of ourselves that we have avoided. We are inside the darkness, inside our shadow. It is here that we can become clearest with what has been hidden within the self and learn how to transmute it so that we can begin to live our lives in a more empowered and awake fashion. Because if we we all made the decision to live in accordance with our souls calling and higher purpose we would not be spewing our darkness onto each other- our judgement, shame, guilt, and pain, it would dissolve because we were in a higher state of alignment with our authentic truth.

In this conjunction at 0 degrees Aquarius, Jupiter is expanding the old outworn energies of Saturn, the archetype of the father, rulemaker, and bureaucrat. Our systems have dissolved, and now, new ones are emerging. It is up to US to decide how these new systems will work. We must do the work to show up for ourselves, face our fears, and begin to live a life that is in resonance with our highest potential. Don't waste this incredible and powerful moment; use this energy to create intentions for yourself- for 2021. Journal, meditate, spend some time in deep solitude asking yourself if you are living a life you feel empowered within. If not, look at the truth of it, take responsibility for your choices, and MAKE CHANGES. This is the time y'all. The era of the Divine Feminine is upon us. If you open to this energy, you will be in the flow. Now is the time of power and grace, lets ride this wave of evolution and make the hard choices toward our own liberation. Love to you all.

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