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The Trance of Othering

I was lying there in the darkness, all the lights out with my head underwater. My favorite magical place is a bathtub with no light anywhere so I can dream. I was unraveling the intense discussion I just had with my partner about self-worth and codependency when I heard him ruffling though some things downstairs in the kitchen. Immediately my consciousness connected to his and I could see what he was doing. I could see what he was eating, the wine he was pouring himself and the dish he was putting into the dishwasher. Soon enough I had entered his consciousness and could begin to feel what he was thinking. I was so close, so intimately involved with what he was up to, what he was feeling, seeing, and thinking when all of a sudden, I uttered to myself, “Shit.”

It was in this moment I realized, clear as day that when your consciousness drifts into the lives of others, you not only think ‘about’ them, you ‘become’ them.

Stay with me for a second.

I am empathic, which is just a fancy name for psychic. We call empaths ‘highly sensitive people’ when yes, we are highly sensitive, which means we employ our feelings which in turn employs our intuition, which in turn employs our visioning faculty. Most empaths don’t make it this far, for no one has really ever revealed to them that they have a true gift of psychic power. Most of us empaths just feel exhausted most of the time, with the weight of the world on top of our shoulders, feeling the feelings of everyone around us, kind of like victims.

But that is just it. Because we are so sensitive, and psychically sensitive- what we end up doing is transcending our own energetic boundary and entering into the energy field of others. Mostly of people we feel are suffering in some way. OR people we want to know ‘what they are thinking’. We can feel their pain, their thoughts, their feelings, and for some reason feel responsible for helping them. So we enter their energy field and take on their energy for them, helping them to process it and relieving them of their suffering.

Yet what this does is it not only exhausts us but it robs them of the ability to handle their own energy. So we end up these exhausted, sick, and anxious shells of people while the people we ‘help’ never have to face themselves or handle their own energy. Nobody wins in this scenario, and no one actually resides in their own bodies or energy, ever.

So back to the bathtub.

It was there, in the bathtub, that I woke up out of a trance most of us empaths have been in our entire lives, the trance of ‘othering’. When you are an empath you have the ability to energetically travel, and most of us who are empathic are not aware of this nor are we trained in how to handle our own energy or know when it’s appropriate to enter into the energy field of others. We just do it naturally, all the time, everywhere. We GO into everyone else’s energy field. And in doing so, we abandon our own.

This is what the true essence of codependency is. We for some reason, over time, have come to believe that our own energy i.e, creative process, ideas, mojo, juju, power, and essence are not ‘enough’. This is the core wound, and the reason we leave our bodies all of the time. For whatever reason, we feel other people are more interesting, and busy ourselves with them needing our help somehow. So, in a way, we seek out suffering, we feed on feeling ‘sorry’. Think about this sentence, as God knows how many times in my own life I have uttered these words, “I FEEL so sorry for them.” This is the classic empath mantra. What we do, when someone is suffering, is quite literally FEEL sorry FOR THEM. This is shame in a bottle. This is the essence of shame.

And it is no ones responsibility but our own then to become aware when we leave our own energy body with the power of our focused intention and move into the energy body of another. Empaths do this everyday, all over the world. And we rob so many people of their own individual journeys, and not only that, but the ability to trust that those people can handle it for themselves, even if they themselves don’t think they can. Mostly though, we rob ourselves of our own energy, and our river of self worth runs dry.

Thought, intention, and vision are some of the most powerful psychic tools one can have. And when we feel ‘sorry’ for anyone, what we are doing is robbing them of their power. We rob ourselves of our own power as well because deep down, we don’t feel worthy to inhabit our own bodies.

Empaths are so sensitive to the projection of others that when someone projects a thought form, especially a negative one towards us, we absorb it right away. Then, we are just FEELING SORRY for ourselves. Well, what is really happening is our ego/personality is allowing the thought form of another person inside of our energy field, and adopting it as our own.

We are exiting the age of Pisces, this energy, the bleeding empaths mascot -is Jesus Christ. You can’t really make this shit up, as he is LITERALLY dying for the sins of others. This is what empaths do, everyday. Its what has happened to the energy of the divine feminine over time. The powerful psychic powers that empaths hold, the literal magic they carry within them was abandoned, and only the disempowered shells of it remain. The age of Pisces was about 2000 years, does this line up with anything else? Hmmm, like the worship of pain? The worship of crucifixion? What Jesus taught us is that you simultaneously will be worshipped and tortured if you are an empath. We put him up on a pedestal and chastise those that do not use their psychic gifts to serve others.

The thing is, is that we have entered the age of Aquarius now. The age of INDIVIDUATION. Where detachment, and the creation of a strong energetic field is paramount. The worship of pain has now been replaced by a worship of authenticity. And that means that the Witches of the world, i.e those that are highly sensitive, can begin to own their psychic gifts. That means that if you are an empath, you don’t have to live your life feeling like a soggy bathmat. You can detach from the energy of others and realize, it actually isn’t your burden to bare. You can begin to find radical interest in your own pursuits, in your own passions. You can keep your energy close, you can let people live. You can let go of the need to control others- or to bare the pain of others being in pain. The age of Aquarius offers us all a new wave of wild authenticity, and that is impossible if we are ‘feeling sorry’ for the world.

The truth is that it is the power of the empaths, those witches and sorcerers that have forgotten their full power- that are going to reshape this planet. And if we do not bring our energy back into ourselves, and begin to fill our own cup up with US, then the world will continue in the sick cycle of worshipping death as we have for the past 2000 years. If we empaths bring our energy back into ourselves, hold it, and individuate meaning express our own deep authentic individual natures, the energy body of the planet will begin to shift. Everyone will actually begin to take responsibility for themselves. Of course, its never quite as simple as I'm explaining it here, but its also as simple as I'm explaining it here.

At least this is true for me, and I am the whole as each of us is individually playing out the story of the collective. As I awoke from the dream of being in my partner Alex’s energy field, I entered my own. And our own can be a scary place when you have never really inhabited your own body. Because really, most empaths haven’t. If you were searching for a sign, here it is. Bring your energy back into you, get out of other peoples problems, release the need to fix the pain of the world, and enjoy your-self. Pursue your own interests? What a radical concept- and an idea whose time has come.

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Julia Wiggen
Julia Wiggen
11 de fev. de 2023

Yes! Your words resonate strongly. I nod, giggle, and “ah ha” throughout your blogs. Thank you for sharing, your wisdom and story. You are appreciated dear spirit.

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