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Rewilding Program

Join me for a 6-week program that opens you to your holy wildness; that force of nature that works through you to guide you on a path of ultimate truth, healing, and authentic power.

Week 1

In this first week we establish what 'Wildness' is. We explore what your own perception of the wild is and how it has shaped your idea of freedom.  We establish a wild altar and harness the energy of an animal we find sacred to ourselves. We blend sacred geometry and animal energy to channel our own inner wild and set the intention for the program that will guide our entire experience and outcome. 

Week 2

In this second week we begin to claim and own the power of our wild intuition as part of our sacred birthright.  As we begin to honor this power within ourselves, we in turn honor and bow to all wild things on this planet. We will focus on and cultivate the power of higher guidance and how to apply it in a holy and sacred way in our own lives.

Weeks 3 & 4

In these two weeks we enter the wild shadow, the parts of ourselves that were domesticated by the culture at large, a culture aenestitized to its own sacred wild power.  In week one we focus on shame, the culprit emotion thrown onto each and every one of us that cuts us off from our own wild connection to the Divine and perpetuates a constant need to fit in, “should-ing” our way through life.  In the second week we move into the guilt of embracing our wildness, and the freedom that comes with it. The inner voices that creep up that say, “who does she think she is?” “what makes her think she can act that way?” All the voices of every single judging voice all around.  We face these voices and darkness, shed light on them so that we can evolve past the darkness that has held us captive our entire lives.

Week 5

In this week we begin the process of true liberation, where we recalibrate our own internal consciousness towards living a life merged with the Divine.  The deeper we go to excavate what is blocking us, the more profound we can begin to open to its guidance once we are ready. In this week we focus on the specific tools that will rewild our being towards living deeply in the flow, fully guided, protected, and blessed by Spirit, so much so that we feel like a literal phoneix flying on the wings of the Divine. 

Week 6

In this final week, we open fully to embracing the Wild Unknown.  We confront that fear and get much more comfortable living a life “on the edge” unable to clearly SEE what steps are meant to be taken but so in tune with Spirit that we are finely tuned to FEEL which direction we are meant to go in.  

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