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The Ancient Science of the Soul 

Astrology is called a 'Cosmic Science' as it integrates the wisdom of the cosmos to provide a map to our innermost selves. 


Astrology is based in archetypes, which is our collective knowledge + symbology. Astrology uses an archetypal lens to help us see ourselves more clearly. Archetypes provide an objective map for the souls journey.   


The 4 Elements

Astrology is all centered around the 4 elements. Air the element of communication, Earth, the element of materialization, Fire, the element of spirit, and Water, the element of intuition. By articulating where our excesses or deficiencies in each of these elements lie, we can recalibrate imbalances. 

What You Can Learn From a Reading

If you have been struggling with clarity around your life purpose, your path, or have been stuck in negative patterns that you cannot break out of, Astrology can provide an objective map to your soul's purpose. It has the power to bring you closer to your most authentic self. 

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