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The Ancient Science of the Soul 

Astrology is called a 'Cosmic Science' because it integrates the wisdom of the cosmos.  Embedded in our stars is ancient knowledge that when accessed and understood can shape and strengthen our knowledge of ourselves. 


Astrology is based in archetypes, the embedded knowledge + symbology we as a collective humanity have created around certain topics, identities, actions, and ways of being.  Understanding ourselves through the archetypal lens helps us separate our egos from our identities, and begin to see ourselves as a soul, born into certain archetypal energies that has its own journey of learning, karma, initiation, struggle, reward, joy, and power to walk.  


The 4 Elements

Astrology is all centered around the 4 elements, the elements that make up everything here on earth; Air the element of communication, Earth, the element of materialization, Fire, the element of spirit, and Water, the element of intuition.  From here we gain clarity on the imbalances in our life from understanding how we are dominant or lacking in each of these.  

What You Can Learn From a Reading

If you have been struggling with clarity around your life purpose, path, or have been stuck in certain patterns and cycles that you cannot seem to get yourself out of, Astrology can give you great clarity into this.  If you feel lost or uncertain, or if you simply want to get to know yourself on a deeper level, an astrology reading can give you great insight. 

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