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Shadow Empowerment Work


Shadow empowerment work is integral to Chase’s entire Witchy Bitch philosophy.  After she herself had been down every healing road, searching far and wide for wholeness it wasn't until she came across shadow work that her entire world opened up.  Through Shadow Empowerment Work Chase began to access the hidden parts of herself, the parts she hid from even herself, the parts she did not want to identify with. When she finally opened herself up to her own darkness, the entirety of her light was able to be seen.  The highest levels of abundance, worth, and power became accessible to her as she faced her deepest fears and moved forward with grace and power. She wishes to share this with the world, as it is our shadow that holds the true key to our own awakening, intuition, power, and evolution. This is her deepest prayer for every person to reconcile their own darkness so that they may begin to live a more authentic, present, and ultimately guided life in tune with the Divine.