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The Witchy Bitch program

Week 1

Join me for a 7-week transformational journey that taps you back into your authentic feminine power 

Week 1: Establishing the Connection, Feeling Blessed Protected and Guided

In this first week of the program we work on cultivating a true living, breathing relationship with the Divine.  We review what an altar is, and the power it has to literally create spiritual space in our lives.  Our altar becomes our 'spiritual seat' and serves as a foundation for the rest of our work to flow.  I introduce the power of connecting with heartfelt sincerity to Spirit and how we can use this to open to the highest good coming to and through us.  I will introduce the concept of ritual and how we can use this as a healing practice on our spiritual journey.  

Week 2: Accessing and Opening to your Divine Intuitive Power

In this week, we begin to open to our own deep, intuitive power.  This is a power that is based in the feeling realm, not in any kind of rational realm.  I teach you what your intuition is and how integrating trust of this power is a true spiritual practice.  I introduce my deepest core belief that we are guided by a high benevolent energy that when we begin to surrender and open to it, can change our entire lives.  Intuition when accessed and honored for the power it holds, is the truest healing power of any woman.  Its the sacred core of true Witch Power. 

Week 3 + 4: Deep Diving-Shedding Light on our own Darkness
In this week, we open to the energy of our own shadow.  What this means, is to begin to "dismantle the propensity of othering" as author Toko-pa Turner calls it.  I discuss how accessing and opening to our own shadow is where the greatest well of condensed power lives inside of us.  I believe the shadow holds a key to our own enlightenment.  I review the concepts of accessing our humility and how integrating shadow work makes us more transparent as a spiritual being.  I discuss how within our deepest pain resides our most profound evolution.  I will share with you my story and encourage you to bravely walk yours.  
Week 5: The Truth Really Does Set Your Free- Wild Authenticity as a Way of Life
In this week, we will explore the idea of beginning to embody a more authenitic life and think about what it means to live a life in which we 'walk our talk'.  We will explore the ideas of rebellion and rewilding, both concepts to enliven and empower the soul.  We explore the virtue of integrity and what it looks like to live a life in our integrity.   
Week 6: Opening to the Goddess- Divine Receptivity and Self-Worth
In this week, we will begin to explore the energy of receptivity, and how we can truly begin to invite it in through pleasure.  Pleasure is someting that comes in may forms, and the more we can begin to focus and open to it in all areas of our life, the more we open to the true concept of prosperity and abundance.  Opening to the power and wisdom of sensuousness.  Anxiety and Depression are ways of keeping pleasure out.  In this week we reframe the power in receptivity and learn how to invite in the good so that we may begin to live a more joyful, fulfilling life.  
Week 7: Shedding your Skin, Embodied Transformation for a New Era
In this week we will integrate all of the teachings we have learned in The Witchy Bitch Program.  We will unite all of the lessons and look at where in our lives we can begin to embody the change we so wish to see in the world.  Integrating the virtues of prayer, trust, humility, integrity, joy, and pleasure we will unite all of these aspects and hopefully leave the program with a deep and renewed trust in the world guided by a deeper sense of ourselves and thus our true purpose.  
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