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A Guide to reclaiming your self worth and divine feminine power.  

It is time that the word ‘Witch’ come out of the closet and be reclaimed for what it truly is, not some dark mysterious force of women who lurk in the shadows and cast spells but healing, empathic, intuitive women that are led and guided by Love.  This is after all, what the true ‘Witches’ were burned for; women and men alike who were in tune with nature, the mystery, and most of all their intuition.  We have gotten to where we are on this planet with Donald Trump as president, global warming hitting its peak, and our ecosystem in crisis because we are lacking feminine energy, the energy of empathy and intuition.  We praise the head over the heart and gut and have become a culture of ‘shoulds’ that is continuously lead away from its truth and authentic expression.  Our heart and gut is where we feel, it is how our intuition works through us, and it is where our deepest truth resides.  What I do in this book is to empower the reader to reclaim their authentic Witch power by connecting to Spirit on their own terms.  So many of my clients time and time again have come to me feeling lost, exhausted, anxious, and depressed.  I realized it is because none of them have a true, authentic connection to the Divine.  In this book, I teach people how to connect, on their own terms to this force of Love.  I empower them to claim this connection, and begin to live a life based in trust, surrender, and connection versus doubt, fear, and confusion.  Each chapter goes deeper into the self, soul, and Spirit.  I talk about what gives us modern day Witches our power; being in tune with our intuition and allowing it to silently guide us. I teach the reader how to access their intuition, and slowly shift their consciousness towards trusting themselves.  I discuss the shadow, and how it is one of the keys to the truly awakened self, where so much of our disowned power lies.  I talk about Rewilding, and how tuning into the rhythm of Spirit and allowing ourselves to be guided by that force is what will help us return to our authentic selves.  I discuss receptivity and self-worth, and the importance of opening up to receive as part of owning one's self worth.  And lastly, I talk about the potent energies of transformation, what it means to truly let go of one's former identity and open up to the new, so as to invite in the kind of life so many of us yearn for; a life based in authenticity, connection, trust, and empowerment.    
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