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Chase's style of integrative massage is completely unique, intuitive, and deeply powerful.  She has over 11 years experience as a healer and massage therapist, and what one gets when getting a treatment from her is so much more than a massage. Everyone that leaves her table is always amazed at how she knows exactly where in the body to release and restore energy.  Many have said she has given them the best massage of their lives.  This is a full blown integrative healing experience, and can help with so many conditions.  Chase's healing hands and intuitive power combined create for quite a unique and powerful experience.  

60 Minute Integrative Massage ::   $150 

90 Minute Integrative Massage ::   $200


Alchemize Integrative Therapeutics 

61607 29 Palms Hwy 

Suite D1

Joshua Tree, CA 92252

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