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Awaken your sacred masculinity

Join me for a 7-week  journey that taps you back into your sacred masculine power so that you may be led and guided by the spiritual warrior from within

Week 1: Waking the Sacred Warrior

 I call this week 'Initiation' because we are actively initiating the you into an entirely new lens with which to view your reality.  I introduce what it means to begin to commune with the realm of Spirit and how as men, you have been programmed out of this wild way that is your true nature from within.  This first week begins the journey of the Sacred Warrior as you begin to trample through unfamiliar territory.  Your true warrior nature; your divine strength, power, and masculinity can begin to fully be expressed as they you learn to gracefully swim in the mystery.  It is indeed this mystery that holds the key to your own freedom and authentic power.  
Week 2: Waking the Sacred Warrior


In this week we will explore how we have perceived our reality up until this point.  We will look at the way you have defined yourself as a man in the world and what it would mean to redefine yourself within the emerging paradigm of the sacred masculine.  We will explore how inviting the sacred masculine into our lives will shift how we view ourselves and the world.  We will look into how learning to align ourselves with Spirit will fundamentally shift our perception to align ourselves into living a life with more trust, power, and guidance versus force, control, and fear. 

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Weeks 3 + 4: Waking the Sacred Warrior


In these two weeks, we open to the energy of our own shadow, the parts of ourselves we haven't wanted to identify with or acknowledge, and ultimately the parts of ourselves that when witnessed make us whole.  Opening to our shadow is what makes one a TRUE SPIRITUAL WARRIOR as there is no greater courage than the courage taken to turn to the parts of ourselves we have avoided at all costs .  I discuss how accessing and opening to our own shadow is where the greatest well of condensed power lives inside of us.  I believe the shadow holds a key to our own enlightenment.  I review the concepts of accessing our humility and how integrating shadow work makes us more transparent as a spiritual being.  I discuss how within our deepest pain resides our most profound evolution.  I will share with you my path and encourage you to bravely walk yours.  

Week 5: Waking the Sacred Warrior


In this week, we will explore the idea of embodying a more authentic life and what that would look like in our own lives.  We start a process of inquiry, asking ourselves what  it means to live a life in which we 'walk our talk'.   We will explore the idea of rewilding, a concept that enlivens and empowers the soul.  Rewilding reconnects us to our true, authentic, wild nature, a nature we have been disconnected and conditioned out of.  As we begin to tap this wild nature, we can exercise the most sacred and profane parts of our being.  We explore the virtue of integrity and what it looks like to live a life in our integrity walking the path as the sacred masculine warriors of this earth.  

Week 6: Waking the Sacred Warrior 
In this week, we will begin to explore the energy of  receptivity and how when we begin to open up to it, can truly illuminate our entire being.   Men have been so conditioned in our culture to provide and over-give, in many ways just as women have.  Here we learn how to open to receive, and in that, discover where our true sense of self worth lives.  We learn how to begin to give to ourselves, the thing our hearts desire most, and in that find our authenticity, voice, integrity, and illuminated soul. 

Week 7: Waking the Sacred Warrior


In this week we will integrate all of the teachings we have absorbed in the Sacred Warrior program and open up to the energies of reconstruction.  Who are we now that we have dug into the truth of ourselves and found what it is we do and do not align with?   We will open to the embodiment of all we have learned in this program and allow ourselves to release the outdated versions of ourselves we no longer identify with. From there we will reconstruct the new, integrated, powerful, aligned, and divinely masculine warrior that we have become. 

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