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Working with Chase has been one of the most moving connections that I've been grateful to have encountered in my life - her greatest gift is that she sees you. Whether past, present, or working forward, Chase's steadfast presence as a witness and guide through the process is invaluable. Her kindness and desire to stand with me as we worked to find the path to truly embrace the inner witch and female power has allowed me to feel safe in the process. I am grateful for the work we have done and will continue to do in the future.
Rachel Ruiz

Health Care Advocate

Shadow Retrieval Practitioner

Chase gets right to the heart of the matter- whatever you bring in. She is vibrantly and powerfully gifted as a healer, a truth speaker, and as a catalyst for authentic feminine empowerment in every facet of life. Chase has helped me beyond words in seeing and integrating some of my deepest and most ingrained blind spots, and has thus played a huge role in my personal growth and transformation. If you're ready to do some real, truly life-changing work, contact Chase!
Catherine Ligget

Studio Director

Sometimes a different approach is the only way to move through.  Going on the journey with Chase helped me shed light on aspects of myself that I had been working on for years.  Perspective is everything.
Loryn Napala

Director, Nickelodeon

Working w/ Chase brought me to a deeper understanding of myself and what I am capable of. She dug so deep into the core of my being that I didn’t even know existed. Working w/ her felt like a car being jumpstarted back to life but to a different one where I had greater clarity of purpose
Ria Concepcion


Chase gave me something I desperately needed, to remember my power and who I am at my core.   
June Abrahms

Health Care Advocate

Talk Show Host

I have had the joy and honor of working with Chase for the past several years.  Without her help and support, I dont know how I would have finished my first book in 2018.  She is so incredibly empowering, wicked smart, and invaluable at helping me see things about myself I never would have otherwise seen.  I have worked with many intuitives, and its always uncanny with Chase- it never fails that whatever the next step of my evolution will be, the next layer of the onion I'm peeling back, she calls it first!  She has been spot on so many times as to what is truly going on for me, and I feel so blessed to have her on my healing journey and team. 
Sunny Joy McMillan


Chase helped me through a super difficult time in my life riddled with crisis and conflict. I left my time with her feeling incredibly more empowered and in tune with myself than I ever have.
Whitney Noble

Social Worker

About 6 months ago, I came across an article Chase had written. Upon finishing her piece, I knew I needed to reach out to her. It really hit home, and touched upon so many things I was going through at the moment; I was recently out of a ten year relationship, and had no idea who I was anymore. The person in the article was more aligned with the woman I wanted to become. I felt like I didn’t have an identity, and forgot what it was to feel (all the feels - the good, the bad and the ugly).  


After some correspondence with Chase, I signed up for the Witchy Bitch program. I admired her confidence, the way she spoke and the way she carried herself made her seem very aware of who she was. In our discussions, Chase nurtured and guided me to connect with the Divine Feminine. She made me realize how turned off I was, in so many ways; I was disembodied, and only accessing half of my potential. I needed to learn how to reconnect and embrace the feminine spirit. Once I was able to do that, with Chase’s help, I was able to really tap in to my inner depths and really get to know myself…and what it is to feel, all of it. I was finally shown how to take my power back, and how to stop fear from ruling my life. I learned I need to bring the light of conscious awareness into my dark spots. 

I finished the program 6 weeks later and still correspond with Chase to this day. Since then, I’ve made a career change (that I so desperately needed), cleared the baggage (and the rest of his stuff from my house) and finally found the ability to tap into and take pride in who I am (and everything that comes with that). If you are interested in delving deep in to your inner workings in order maximize your full potential, there’s no better guide than Chase. I would recommend her, a hundred times over

Carly Volans
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